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MACROburn Incineration


MACROburn V330B & MACROburn V500C

Due to the increasing concern of emissions and the impact people have on the environment, Macrotec has designed Incinerator Plants to help improve the environment we live in. Our solution provides a way to dispose of waste while negating harmful emissions, complying with both South African and EU regulations.

Refractory & Insulation: Each Incinerator is manufactured using dual layers of Refractory and Insulation Castable, forming a single monolithic structure of extreme strength and durability, with a service temperature of up to 1,500°C, Cold Crushing Strength of 110 Mpa, and expected lifetime of over 15 years. Heat loss is extremely low, with a thermal conductivity of only 0.2 W/mK, ensuring high-energy efficiency.

PLC Panel: The PLC fully automates the Incinerator, leaving zero room for operator error. HMI screens display the status of different sections, with a central control room to monitor the system. Remote monitoring and troubleshooting assistance by Macrotec technicians ensures continuous and trouble-free operations.

Auto Feeder: All Incinerators are equipped with an Auto-Feeder, which automates the feeding process and greatly increases the safety of operators. The automation also ensures full utilisation of the Incinerator, without over feeding taking place, thereby increasing fuel efficiency and productivity.

Dry Gas Scrubbing: Dry Scrubbers use no water with the dosing agent injected directly into the air stream for optimal removal of acid gasses. This results in a very high removal efficiency and no water contamination which Wet Scrubbers cause. Operating costs are also significantly lower, due to low water use and minimal power requirements

Ceramic Filtration: Ceramic Filters have consistently achieved the highest removal efficiency of any technology and form a perfect relationship with dry scrubbing due to higher temperature and gas velocity resistance. Due to the higher temperature resistance, Gas Scrubbing becomes much more efficient, with lower maintenance due to failure of conventional bag house filters.

Pre-Heated Combustion Air: Our pre-heated system is designed to recover heat from waste gasses, increasing fuel efficiency and ensuring complete combustion due to more stable temperatures.

Reliability: Macrotec designs and manufactures equipment with reliability in mind. We understand that your most important requirement is minimum downtime and thus we strive to ensure our machines require less maintenance, easily performed maintenance and extremely high reliability of all parts.

How do we achieve such low emissions?

CO: Carbon Monoxide is reduced the by controlling the rate of combustion and ensuring complete combustion. This is achieved using a two chamber process with temperatures between 850°C and 1,100°C, high turbulence and long retention times.

NOx: Oxides of Nitrogen are reduced using modern burners and controlling input of air and temperature to ensure low NOx formation. Residue NOx is removed by the gas scrubber.

SO2, HCl and HF: Acid gasses are reduced using our proprietary gas scrubber. Gasses are scrubbed in two stages; firstly preventing their formation in the Incinerator and then “polishing gas” by removing the final constituents during the filtration process. Our gas scrubber is completely dry, resulting in no pollutant water or any water usage.

Heavy Metals and Dioxins: Heavy metals, along with Dioxins and Furans are scrubbed from flue gasses using an adsorbent. A dry scrubber is used resulting in no water use and no impact on the environment.

Particle Matter: Particle matter is removed using a Ceramic Filtration Plant, which removes over 98% of particle matter.