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This Health and Safety Policy is communicated to all stakeholders, as far as is reasonably practicable, in the languages of English, Afrikaans and Xhosa.  This Policy serves as the center of reference for our organization within the greater context of the environment within which we work.  We are committed to continually improving on the means with which we intend achieving these desired ends, as defined in this policy and through the following aspects.


Every person has a basic human right to health and safety.

People are our most valuable and important resource.

Health and safety shall be granted status equal to that afforded to cost, productivity, quality and time.

Every person shall be afforded equal respect and consideration and shall be encouraged to contribute towards making decisions, in order to realize synergy and exercise the principles and practices that are conscious and mindful of all concerned.

Every person shall be acknowledged and supported in realizing their true and full potential, in all aspects of both their professional and personal lives.


The ultimate purpose of this Health and Safety Policy is to ensure the sustainability of our organization as well as that of our earth.

To ensure the prevention of occupational fatalities, injuries and diseases.

To meet and exceed the needs of all stakeholders, and to engender a culture of health and safety best practice, and to ensure an environmentally friendly workplace and society for all to enjoy.


We see and are able to realize a future free of occupational fatalities, injuries and diseases.

ClinX Waste Management shall realize increased overall performance for the benefit of all stakeholders, by aligning and focusing efforts on achieving optimum health and safety performance at all times.


Our primary goal is one of Zero Accidents within the workplace.

To facilitate and engender the development of all persons, so that they may realize their true and full potential, in all aspects of both their professional and personal lives.

The organization shall operate in a transparent and co-operative manner with all stakeholders, and value each stakeholder’s unique role and contribution toward creating a better reality for all concerned.

Through excellence, to serve as a prime example of leadership to industry of how increased overall performance and competitive advantage can be achieved and maintained.


We strive daily to keep the spirit of continuous improvement alive within us, it is the vehicle with which we achieve optimum health and safety performance and with which we shall realize our goal of Zero Accidents.

We apply the same philosophy to the care and development of, and investment in, our employees, community and other stakeholders – so as to ensure their health and wellness, the realization of their true and full potential, and the sustainability of, and respect for, our earth.


It is important to remember that even though research or experience might indicate that an increase in health and safety performance is directly proportional to a decrease in incidents and accidents – this is not guaranteed.

We will assume that incidents will be minimized, and therefore will always allocate the necessary resources in order to achieve the various aspects of the Health and Safety Policy as communicated here.



ClinX Waste Management (Pty) Ltd is committed to the practice and management of its business in a manner compatible with the broader goals of the social, economic and natural environment and to the integration of environmental management into all its activities.

Environmental management will thus be regarded as a key performance area for all operational sites.


Promote the education, training and motivation of employees to raise their environmental awareness.

Conduct the activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

Execute environmental management systems on all operations, which include environmental auditing, and monitor these systems.

Ensure compliance with regulatory standards, environmental legislation, company policies and philosophy by means of environmental auditing.

Develop and maintain positive relationships with clients, employees and all affected neighbors, government departments and the public.